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Interim Financial Statements for the financial period ended 31 December 2017
*The figures have not been audited.

Condensed Consolidated Income Statements

Interim Financial Statements for the financial period ended 31 December 2017

Condensed Consolidated Statements Of Financial Position

Review Of Group Performance

For the quarter under review, the Group achieved loss after tax of RM0.96 million, representing a decrease of RM11.38 million (109%) as compared to the preceding year's corresponding quarter.

Revenue achieved for the quarter under review of RM50.80 million was RM23.16 million (31%) lower than the preceding year corresponding quarter.

Total unbilled sales at the end of the quarter under review stood at RM161.62 million.

The Group's earnings per share for the period ended 31 December 2017 was 0.38 sen.

The performance of the respective operating business segments is analysed as follows:

(a) Property development:

For the quarter under review, revenue and profit before tax decreased by 31% and 90% respectively as compared to the previous financial year corresponding quarter due to lesser on-going project and newly launched projects like Astetica Residence and Meritus Residence are still in the early stage of construction.

The invesment in associate is not expected to yield return in the current financial year.

(b) Other operations:

Revenue and profit from other operations mainly consist of rental income derived from the operation of commercial properties under the "build, operate and transfer" concession with local authorities.

Current Year Prospects

The outlook for the property industry remains challenging. The Board is continuously evaluating ways and implementing measures to improve the performance for the remaining period of financial year ending 31 March 2018.

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